S is for Seasons Preschool Activities

Yoga is one of our favorite ways to change the tone for the day, practice mindfulness, and listen to our bodies. As with all things we do, it doesn’t take much time but it has a wonderfully positive impact on our day. These activities incorporate learning about the Letter Y while also learning about moving and listening to our bodies.


Get an entire weeks worth of Yoga-themed activities with the Y is for Yoga Preschool Activity Bundle

The Y is for Yoga Preschool Activity Bundle is a collection of simple, fun, and engaging book and play-based preschool activities designed to help you connect with your preschooler while inspiring a love of learning.

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Here is what you get in the 21 Page Yoga Activity Bundle:

  • Clear Directions- Simple, easy to follow directions for activities and printing
    • Letter Y Activity Inspiration
    • Letter Y (capitalized and lower case) for you and your preschoolers to decorate and color together.
    • Letter Y Mini-Book 
    • Yoga and mindfulness-themed  Book List
    • Link to a Pinterest board full of even more ideas
    • Coloring Pages
    • Yoga Cards 
    • Roll & Move Dice Game to use with the Yoga Cards
    • Movement Memory Game to use with the Yoga Cards
    • Hop & Move Game to use with the Yoga Cards
    • Unicorn Yoga Board Game
    • Calmdown Breathing Activity

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