Usborne and Kane Miller books are the most exciting, engaging, and educational books on the market today. They are high quality, innovative, beautifully illustrated. Most importantly, kids love to read them, but beyond that, why are Usborne Books different from other books and why are they special?


Usborne Books are engaging & interactive.

stack of usborne booksThe best books are the ones kids love, and my kids haven’t met an Usborne book they don’t love. Each of the books is engaging, interesting, and educational. Each time we read a book, we have something new and interesting to discover and discuss. Would you like to know more about the books we love? Read more about our family’s favorite Usborne and Kane Miller Books here.

Usborne Books & More employs authors from around the world and emphasizes diversity.

everybody in books logo. We're inclusively minded.

Usborne Pubslishing employs UK authors and Kane Miller Publishing provides books from authors around the world, which gives young readers access to different world views and ideas. Check out the latest catalog to search for authors by country.

Additionally, Usborne is an official signatory of the Everybody In charter, which promotes inclusion and diversity in children’s books. Read more about the charter at the Everybody In website.

Usborne books are ethically made.

graphic of tree with fox, birds and bees with colorful leavesUsborne is part of The Book Chain Project, which gives publishers the information they need to chart the full story of how their books are produced. For more information, visit Usborne’s Ethical Policies Page.


Kane Miller and Usborne books are safe.

All Usborne and Kane Miller Publishing books conform to British and European toy safety legislation and, where relevant, carry safety warnings to guide consumers choosing books and toys for small children. For more information, visit usborne’s safety policies page

Usborne Books & More has an incredible replacement policy.

Kids are hard on books, and the ones they love most often show the most wear.  Usborne and Kane Miller Books are impeccably constructed and durable, however as we all know, books get damaged. With Usborne, you can replace any damaged Usborne Book for 50% of the retail price. Contact me for more information and to replace your damaged books.

Usborne Gives you the opportunity to support small businesses.


Each Usborne Books & More consultant operates their own small business. When you purchase Usborne and Kane Miller books, you are supporting local economy and helping a family pay for the “extras” of life. I am passionate about these books, and would love the opportunity to earn your business with the best customer service and customized recommendations for you and your family. Contact me to learn more, or find me on Facebook and Instagram.


I’m Candace- lover of books, mama to two, and creator of this online space. I am a former teacher (both elementary and high school English) and one thing I know from my teaching career is that I love to create curriculum and lesson plans. As a bonus for signing up for my newsletter, download a 10 Minute Activity Guide!


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