V is for Vegetables Preschool Activities


V is for Vegetables Preschool Activity Bundle

This 40 page bundle is a collection of activities to help your preschooler become familiar with vegetables and the letter V. It includes 10 different activities, coloring pages, and games for your preschooler to practice a variety of skills.

Why buy this bundle?

>Each activity is customizable for your child’s needs and skill level.
>There are multiple ways to use each set of activities.
>Each activity includes clear directions, is simple to use and easy to print.
>Minimal supplies required: in addition to printing out the activities, you only need a few supplies, which are clearly listed!


Exactly which activities are included?

1. Uppercase and Lowercase Letter V Coloring Pages
2. Vegetable Coloring Pages
3. Additional Letter V activity ideas
4. Letter V Mini-Book
5. “What Kind of Vegetable Is It?” Sorting activity
6. “1,2,3 Peas!” Counting and Math Game
7. Tomato Growing Sequencing Activity
8. Alphabet Vegetable Soup Recipe
9. Above or Below? Coloring Page
10. Vegetable Bingo + Tasting
11. Alphabet Garden Sensory + Alphabet Game