R is for Rainbows Preschool Activities


R is for Rainbows Preschool Activity Bundle

The R is for Rainbows Preschool Activity Bundle is a collection of simple, fun, and engaging book and play-based preschool activities designed to help you connect with your preschooler while inspiring a love of learning.


Here is what is included in the 29 Page Rainbow Activity Bundle:

    • Clear Directions- Simple, easy to follow directions for activities and printing
    • Letter R Activity Inspiration
    • Letter R (capitalized and lower case) for you and your preschoolers to decorate and color together.
    • Letter R Mini-Book 
    • Rainbow-themed  Book List
    • Link to a Pinterest board full of even more ideas
    • Coloring Pages
    • Rainbow Number Recognition
    • Rainbow Fizz Science Expirement
    • Rainbow Collage Activity
    • Rainbow Obstacle Course
    • Stacking Rainbows fine motor & counting activity
    • Counting Rainbows Counting & Color Matching Activity
    • Counting for Preschoolers  Math Activity