One of Audra’s favorite things are rainbows, so when we got to the letter “R”, I knew that Rainbow Activities would be our topic of the week. We had so much fun reading books about rainbows and making rainbows out of all sorts of materials while learning all about the letter R. Below are the rainbow activities we did during the week. We did more than usual because the kids were so excited about rainbows!  Keep scrolling for a book list of our favorite Rainbow Books, a free printable, and  information on how to purchase an entire weeks worth of Rainbow activity ideas for you and your preschooler!

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podia graphic counting with preschoolersTo begin with, I used the rainbow theme to practice counting and color matching with Wade and Audra. They were 2 & 4 at the time, and the activity can be scaled perfectly for any age.

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Taste The Rainbow

Audra, Wade and I had so much fun making picking out fruit in the colors of the rainbow together. Audra loves rainbows and is very particular about the order of the colors. We went to the grocery store together and discussed all the fruit possibilities for each color.  Then we went home and the kids helped me clean and chop up the fruit… with lots of tastes. Fruit is an unrestricted snack in our house, so I don’t mind when they snack away on healthy “treats”. It turned into an extra special treat once I arranged it all into a rainbow shape so they could “eat the rainbow.”

There are so many options for creating your own rainbow depending on where you live and what season it is. I encourage you to take your kids to the store and work together to pick out the fruit to create your own delicious rainbow!

After we made an actual rainbow with the fruit, I used the leftovers and layered the fruit in jars for another tasty rainbow treat that is a little more compact and easier to store! No matter how you choose to make your fruit rainbow, both are delicious ways to explore the colors and tastes of a variety of fruit.

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Lego Rainbow

This simple activity challenged my kids to follow a pattern and directions to build a rainbow out of legos. First, I went to the duplo lego website and printed off the patterns for rainbow legos. Find them here.

The lego website has a lot of great resources for using legos in your lessons and activities. 

Then we worked together to sort the colors and build the rainbows out of our lego duplos. Legos are actually one of the activities (besides reading) that I really enjoy doing alongside my kids. There is something fun and soothing about building things with the kids and we always have a great time together. 

This was a fun activity that worked well for both kids. Audra was definitely able to build the rainbows better than wade, but Wade learned a lot from sorting the colors and matching the patterns. 



Get an entire weeks worth of Rainbow Activities! Purchase the R is for Rainbows Preschool Activity Bundle

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