Ice Cream Puffy Paint

puff paint preschool recipe

I have been intending to try to make my own puffy paint, so I decided that this was a perfect opportunity. I did some research before I started, and I found this post from Meaningful Mama very helpful.

You can see some of the paint is runnier in a few pictures- that’s because I’m terrible at actually following a recipe, and ended up just dumping ingredients. I do recommend following a recipe for this one.

Puffy Paint Recipe

Puffy Paint Ingredients

puffy paint recipeSqueeze Bottles 1 for each color you want to make

sillicone bowl or a few plastic bags

3/4 cup shaving cream

1/4 cup white glue

1/4 cup flour

Food Coloring or liquid watercolors

glitter (optional, but FUN!)


puff paint recipe

This is super simple- combine the ingredients, stir until everything is mixed really well. The hardest part is getting it in the squeeze bottles. I used silicone bowls so I could squeeze and make a little spout. The paint was too thick for a funnel. The other thing that would work well is to spoon the paint into a sandwhich bag, cut the end off and pipe it into the squeeze bottle. Also, make sure you don’t cut the tip of the squeeze bottle too large!

That’s all! I ended up making a couple of batches and got a little loose with the ratios, so one ended up a little runnier than I would like.

letter i preschool activity

The paint dried puffy with a slight crust on top. It didn’t survive being poked and smashed, but if hung up, it would hold up well and look nice.

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