noah's ark preschool activities
This week, I created an adorable Noah’s Ark Printable and my preschoolers and I made an adorable and fun Noah’s Ark puppet boat.

noah's ark preschool activity

Throughout the week, we read a variety of Noah’s Ark books. Audra kept referring back to the pictures in the books to tell me what I needed to do to make the ark look real. I received very specific instructions on the door and window placement from her.

noah's ark preschool activity

Making the ark was simple:

I grabbed a box from Costco and used a box cutter to make a slightly curved shape on the top. I glued a large brown peice of construction paper to the front and cut out the door and windows. It was very fast and very simple. This could easily be more elaborate or even simplified.  My kids only cared about the door that opened and closed and were  thrilled to have a box to play with.

noah's ark preschool activityFor the animals, I used the Noah’s Ark Printable Animals. This part was easy: on cardstock

  1. download and print on cardstock.
  2. ask your “assistants” to color the animals (or not, if they aren’t into coloring).
  3. cut them out- this could be good scissor practice if your preschool is ready.
  4. hot glue them to clothespins.
  5. clip them to the edge of the ark.
  6. Let you preschooler’s imaginations run wild.

I did print two sheets of each animal, but that was too much coloring for one sitting, so we are still working through the animals. They have been a big hit for two days now.

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noah's ark preschool activity


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