Letter V Preschool Activities- V is for Vegetables

Letter V Preschool Activities: V is for Vegetables!

Some kids struggle with vegetables, which I completely understand. Sometimes they look funny, smell funny, and even taste funny. My kids are pretty good vegetable eaters, but sometimes they encounter a veggie they have to explore a little more. We had the best time exploring vegetables this week- from the different ways they grow to how we cook them and eat them. The activites in this unit offer a variety of ways for preschoolers to explore a very important food group!

vegetable type sorting activity preschoolers

We had a great time exploring vegetables this week- how they grow, what they taste like, different varieties, and much more. I made this fun vegetable sorting activity to go along with the book The Vegetables You Eat.  You can get the free printable via email by filling out the form below

Want more Vegetable Activities for Preschoolers?

letter v coloring pagesThe Letter V Coloring Pages are perfect no matter what your preschool activity is. We always have a great time doing different crafts and projects with these alphabet printables. Whether you need them for vegetables or volcanoes, they are the perfect go-to for your preschool lessons.

letter v mini book

There is also a Letter V Mini Book in order to help you reinforce your letter v preschool activities. My kids love to practice folding, stapling and coloring it. We have fun talking about the different items that start with the letter v.

vegetable coloring pages for preschool

If you’ve seen anything from me before, you know that my kids love to color. I always include coloring as part of my weekly plans. I made a super cute Vegetable Coloring Page for this activity guide.

vegetable book list for preschoolers

Of course, since this is a book-based preschool activity website, I always include a book list of some our favorite books about vegetables.  

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