Letter I Preschool Activities- I is for Ice Cream

Ice cream is my favorite food (after coffee, I think) so it’s no surprise that my kids love it too. Audra likes vanilla and any kind that is pink, while Wade is steadfastly a chocolate lover. I also love to make ice cream at home and have the cutest pink ice cream maker (it makes me smile every time I see it!)

ice cream preschool activitiesSo when I told the kids our preschool theme for the week is “i is for ice cream,” they were thrilled and immediately asked if they get to eat lots of ice cream this week. I’d be lying if I said we didn’t eat more than normal and you know what? It was SO good. If you follow me on Instagram stories, you probably saw that one morning they were eating cones at 10 in the morning- while still in their pajamas. That’s winning at parenting if you ask me.

We ended up making vanilla for Audra and chocolate for Wade. I used this recipe from Taste of Home. It is far and away my favorite because of its simplicity. I don’t want to figure out eggs or any other ingredients I don’t usually have… This was simple and delicious. I made it chocolate by adding chocolate chips and cocoa powder. It worked well and was so rich and delicious. ice cream preschool activity

Besides the ice cream eating, we also did lots of letter i activities together. We read lots of books and used the fun printables to practice all sorts of alphabet recognition and counting.


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