Books about Planets and the Solar System for Preschoolers

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I don’t know about you, but whenever my kids show an interest in something, I want to buy them ALL the books about it. We own our fair share of space books, and as always, I can promise you the quality of these books won’t let you down. They are all from Usborne Books and More, and while we do have (many) other books in our home, the Usborne books are the ones my kids consistently pull off the shelves. These are no exception. They are beautifully illustrated, fun, informative, and interactive. I can’t say enough good things about them, and I hope you will enjoy them as well!  

space book

100 Things to Spot in the Night Sky

Discover the treasures of the night sky and learn to recognize its sparkling constellations with these fact-filled cards. See the constellations, find out where and when to spot them, and how they got their names. Find fascinating information about planets, meteors and other starry sights.

Fold Out Solar System: 

The book folds out into one long, beautifully illustrated and double-sidedp picture of the solar system. The picture features the sun, planets, a selection of significant spacecraft, comets, asteroids, and moons. The artwork is lovely and richly detailed, and the book can stand on its edge, so it can be left open and on display on a desk or bookshelf. 

Look Inside Space

Blast off into space with this fascinating flip book. Find out how the moon was made, why stars shine and how we know so much about planets that are far, far away.

space book

My Very First Space Book

This is non-fiction for very young children, who will find lots of things to look at and talk about in this highly visual book about space – what it is, where it is, and what’s out there. Little ones can find out about planets, stars, asteroids, space travel and lots more – while learning lots of interesting new words.

Billie’s Outer Space Adventure

When Billie B. Brown goes to preschool, every day becomes a super-duper adventure. The text is sophisticated, but easily understood, and is perfect for reading aloud. The design is engaging and Alisa Coburn’s illustrations are bright, fun and just so, so cheerful. Billie’s Super-duper Adventures are stories about real kids with real imaginations. Perfect for younger siblings of Billie B. Brown and Hey Jack! fans, but also for anyone about to begin preschool, as a gentle introduction to what goes on … and how much fun it can be!

Beginner’s Science Box Set

Contains 10 best-selling Beginners Science titles, the perfect beginning library set for young readers. This box set includes: Astronomy, Earthquakes, Living in Space, Planet Earth, The Solar System, Storms and Hurricanes, Sun, Moon and Stars, Volcanoes, Weather, and Your Body. All titles include internet links.

The Solar System

What is the surface of Mars like? Why does Venus glow in the dark? How do scientists explore faraway planets? In this book, you’ll find out the answers and lots more fascinating facts about the Solar System. 

The Sun, Moon and Stars

What is the Sun made of? How did astronauts get to the Moon and what did they find there? In this book you’ll find the answers and lots more about what’s out in space.

Living in Space

How do astronauts travel into space? Where do they live when they get there? What do they do all day? In this book you’ll find the answers and lots more amazing facts about living in space.

Geography Encylopedia

 This book will introduce you to the whole field of geography, from rocks and their formation, the Solar System, weather and climates, and oceans, to human settlements, population trends, diverse ecosystems and environmental concerns.

Scientist Academy

Packed full of great illustrations, fun facts, and absorbing activities, Scientist Academy introduces and then guides young readers through five different types of scientists—laboratory scientist, investigative scientist, space scientist, earth scientist, and life scientist. 

Astronaut Academy:

Through a series of fun and challenging tasks, kids will begin to understand the skills and training required to become an astronaut on a mission to Mars. There are “classes” for kids to attend as part of their training. These include Space Pilot, Space Living, Space Engineer, Space Scientist, and Space Gym. 

100 Things to Know About Space

Space is a huge topic, but this friendly book breaks it down into bite-sized chunks, making it an accessible introduction for anyone who wants to find out about this fascinating subject. Highly illustrated, in a pictorial, ‘infographics’ style, with snippets of information about all aspects of space.

Ludwig the Space Dog

Ludwig lives in a book with his friends, and everything in their world is made of paper – including them. Ludwig loves to read about different galaxies and planets; he wants to be an explorer. Then one day, something from another dimension crashes into Ludwig’s life . . . and he may finally get the chance to take off.

What’s It Like In Space?

A busy and interactive reference book which answers all children’s questions about space. A great book to satisfy curious minds and answer all those pressing questions that just can’t wait.

Peek Inside Space

This simple non-fiction book for very young children is filled with facts about space and the universe. Young children can lift the flaps and peek through the holes in the pages to find out lots about space; this interactive introduction to the subject is accurate, playful, and approachable. Space is a “hot” topic at the moment and is a fascinating subject that can lead little minds to be more interested about science as a whole.

Space Maze  Book

Lots of amazing mazes set in space, each one completely different from the one before. Many of the mazes contain extra puzzles to solve and challenges to complete en route, and the mazes get gradually more and more difficult throughout the book, pushing children to develop their problem-solving and visual recognition skills.

You Choose In Space

Which alien would you most like to be friends with? And what fantastically freaky food will you decide to munch for lunch? The possibilities are infinite in a space adventure that’s out of this world!

Wipe Clean Space Activities

Before they can learn to write, little children need lots of practice with pen control, and this book provides plenty of opportunities for that, as children can complete the various activities again and again, using the special wipe-clean pen provided. Includes mazes, dot-to-dot, things to draw, and more.

Big Book of Rockets and Spacecraf

Providing a fascinating insight into the world of space travel, this big book features a wide range of spaceships, shuttles, rockets, satellites, and the International Space Station. Four huge, fold-out pages allow children to marvel at the scale of outer space and see in detail the complexity of these marvels of science and engineering

The Story of Astronomy and Space

A narrative introduction to the mysteries of space and the secrets of astronomy, packed with scientific facts about the solar system, comets, the Big Bang theory, telescopes, space exploration, and lots more. Diagrams and amusing illustrations help make complex ideas easy and fun. Also includes star charts, a glossary, and an astronomy timeline.

space book

100 Paper Spaceships to Fold and Fly

100 decorated tear-out sheets to fold into a fleet of paper spaceships, from orbital cruisers to alien motherships. The book includes detailed folding instructions for four different types of spaceship, from mighty star cruisers to speedy scout ships, plus flying tips and challenges so children can test the spaceships’ power and speed.

Space Pack

This fun gift pack comes in a carrying case with Velcro enclosure, and includes four space titles full of puzzles, games, stickers and coloring activities sure to delight! 

Learn More about the Planets & Space Activity Bundle

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FREE DOWNLOAD: G is for Good Books Activity Bundle

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