One of Audra’s favorite things are rainbows, so when we got to the letter “R”, I knew that Rainbow Activities would be our topic of the week. We had so much fun reading books about rainbows and making rainbows out of all sorts of materials while learning all about the letter R. Below are the rainbow activities we did during the week. We did more than usual because the kids were so excited about rainbows! There are links at the end to the books we read, free printables, an additional activity we did, as well as a roundup of even more rainbow activities for you to do with your preschoolers.

Taste The Rainbow

taste the rainbow graphic

Audra, Wade and I had so much fun making picking out fruit in the colors of the rainbow together. Audra loves rainbows and is very particular about the order of the colors. We went to the grocery store together and discussed all the fruit possibilities for each color.  Then we went home and the kids helped me clean and chop up the fruit… with lots of tastes. Fruit is an unrestricted snack in our house, so I don’t mind when they snack away on healthy “treats”. It turned into an extra special treat once I arranged it all into a rainbow shape so they could “eat the rainbow.”

There are so many options for creating your own rainbow depending on where you live and what season it is. I encourage you to take your kids to the store and work together to pick out the fruit to create your own delicious rainbow! 

After we made an actual rainbow with the fruit, I used the leftovers and layered the fruit in jars for another tasty rainbow treat that is a little more compact and easier to store! No matter how you choose to make your fruit rainbow, both are delicious ways to explore the colors and tastes of a variety of fruit. 

Lego Rainbow

This simple activity challenged my kids to follow a pattern and directions to build a rainbow out of legos. First, I went to the duplo lego website and printed off the patterns for rainbow legos. Find them here.

The lego website has a lot of great resources for using legos in your lessons and activities. 

Then we worked together to sort the colors and build the rainbows out of our lego duplos. Legos are actually one of the activities (besides reading) that I really enjoy doing alongside my kids. There is something fun and soothing about building things with the kids and we always have a great time together. 

This was a fun activity that worked well for both kids. Audra was definitely able to build the rainbows better than wade, but Wade learned a lot from sorting the colors and matching the patterns. 

Rainbow Fizz

rainbow fizz


rainbow fizzThe kids thought this activity was fun and it kept them busy for quite awhile. It took some prep on the frontend, but not too much. Specific directions are below, I simply made a paste out of baking soda and water, added food coloring and put the mixture in ice cube trays. I did the same thing for each color of the rainbow and put them in the freezer for a few hours. When they were done, I put several of each color on a baking sheet and handed each kid a spray bottle of vinegar.

rainbow fizz I also gave them a little cup of vinegar so they could drop the ice cubes in it and see what happened. I think that was more fun for them than the spray bottle, to be honest.  They thought the resulting colorful fizz was so much fun! Cleanup was simple since the mess was (mostly) contained to the cookie sheets. Depending on what time of year you did this, you could change the colors up to match whatever you have going on.



  • Several Cups of Baking Soda
  • Several Cups of Vinegar
  • Ice Cube tray or mini muffin tin
  • Cookie sheet or tray
  • Food coloring


  1. Mix a couple cups of baking soda and water to make a paste.
  2. Divide it into as many different bowls as you have colors.
  3. Mix in food coloring.
  4. Spoon or pour mixture into ice cube trays and / or mini muffin tins.
  5. Freeze for a few hours.
  6. After they are frozen, remove from trays and place on cookie sheets.
  7. Use vinegar to make a colorful fizzy rainbow

Rainbow Counting

Download and print this fun printable and practice counting and color matching with your favorite preschooler. This rainbow template has the numers 1-10 in each arch. I gave Audra sequins and asked her to put the correct number and color of sequins in each arch of the rainbow. We glued them down because glue is everything, but that isn’t necessary. You could also use beads or any other small, colorful object. 



  1. Print off the rainbow counting mat.
  2. Ask your preschooler to place the correct number and color sequin in each arch of the rainbow.
  3. Glue the sequins down, or not!
  4. Have fun!

Rainbow Collage

I got this idea from the book Cardboard Creations by Barbara Rucci. The book is full of amazing creative cardboard creations and I can’t wait to continue to use the ideas with my kids. You can find the book here

I simply set found scraps of paper in the colors of the rainbow and set them out on the table. I gave the kids some glue and a cardboard cutout in the shape of a rainbow and let them go to town making their own rainbow. They had a blast… and I got the vacuum because the scraps did end up everywhere, of course! It was worth it though (I think most messes are worth it, so if that’s not your thing, don’t do it!) 


  • Cardboard cut out in the shape of a rainbow (whatever size you want)
  • Colorful scraps of paper
  • Glue

Rainbow Obstacle Course

Another Big Mess = Big Fun situation. I’m pretty sure the kids thought I was crazy when I was setting this up. I bought spools of tulle and crepe paper in the colors of the rainbow. Crepe paper was my first choice, I just could find it when I was looking. I decided to use the main walkway area of my house for this activity- a bad idea. Use a room or area that isn’t as heavily used because I had to take this down after an afternoon of play because I couldn’t handle the mess. I pulled out my dining room chairs and bar stools and wound each color around, over, under and through objects until I had created a “rainbow obstacle course.”


Next I challenged the kids to go from one end to the other without getting tangled. The tulle was nice because it was sturdy and didn’t tear easily, but it was also more expensive. The crepe paper I did have worked well because it did tear and that was a “goal” I was able to set for the kids- don’t tear the paper! It was so cute to see them working together to get through it. They were also thrilled with the mess and the fact that they were “climbing through a rainbow”.

Stacking Rainbows

This activity was a fun fine motor skill practice. I just stuck toothpicks into an upside down box and had the kids stack the fruit loops onto them. Super simple, but they loved it- and they really loved snacking on the rainbow stacks when they were done. 


  • Cardboard box
  • Toothpicks or skewers
  • Fruit loops


  • turn a cardboard box upside down on the counter.
  • poke the toothpicks or skewers through the cardboard box.
  • Give your preschooler Fruit Loops and ask them to put them on the toothpick. You can ask them to follow a pattern or put a certain number on each.

podia graphic counting with preschoolersIn addition to the Rainbow Activities we did above, I used the rainbow theme to practice counting and color matching with Wade and Audra. You can find that post and the free printables for that here. 

Looking for More Fun Rainbow Activities?

alphabet printables graphic

podia graphic counting with preschoolers

Looking for activities for specific letters?


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