Letter N Preschool Activity: Numbers

letter n preschool activity

This N is for Numbers activity is fun and engaging for a range of ages.

   N is for Numbers preschool activity

I did this activity with a 3, 4, & 5 year old. It was simple to scale up or down depending on the age and skill of each preschooler. 

N is for Numbers preschool activity

The 3 & 4 year olds weren’t quite ready to write the numbers, so we gave them number stickers. They had to identify the number and place it in the correct spot.

N is for Numbers preschool activity

Our 5 year old was able to write the numbers with a little bit of guidance ( I wrote the numbers 1-10 across the top of her paper so she would have a reference).

N is for Numbers preschool activity

Based on the ability level of your student, you can make this activity easier or harder. You could even have an older student write the numbers 10-20, etc. in the boxes. 

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