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Music is an important part of our day, so this week we focused on Letter M Preschool Activities as we explored the Letter M together. 

We love noise in our house (well, the kids do). The louder, the better. They especially love dancing and singing to music. It’s only fitting that as we learn about the letter M this week, we are learning about music.

It’s also fitting that during the before dinner meltdown this week, I put on the song “Baby Shark” and it completely changed the mood. The kids were laughing and dancing within seconds. Music really is a miracle worker- both in our household and around the world. I love how it can bring people together and allow us to explore different cultures.

We have music all around us, but paying attention to it and intentionally bringing it into our day has helped us to have more fun and change attitudes (mama’s included). We have several favorite music activity books from Usborne Books & More. Usborne does a great job publishing interactive and informative books that the kids just love. If you want to check out some of our favorites, you can go here to see a list.

books about music

In addition to reading about music, of course, we have been listening to music pretty much nonstop. These are some of our playlists as a family. If your day needs a reset, turn on some music and have some fun together.  If you click the titles, they will open in Spotify.

Spotify Playlists for Kids


Letter M Activities for Preschoolers: M is for Music

Letter M Activity Page

alphabet coloring pages

I made this Letter M Activity Page for my daughter to color and paint while listening to music. She has completed several now, and keeps asking me to print more. I usually print one on carstock and after she decorates it, hang it on the wall with the rest of the alphabet we have completed so we can use it for review and practice.


Letter M is for Music Activity Page

m is for music coloring page

I used this M is for Music Activity page as a jumping-off point to discuss different musical instruments and the sounds they make. We even watched the YouTube Video embedded below the kids could hear the actual sounds.

Music Memory Preschool Activity

music memory activity preschool

music memory activity preschoolOur final Letter M Preschool Activity this week is Music Memory. I created a printable with 24 pairs of different musical instruments. I printed them out on cardstock, cut them out, and turned them face down on the counter for my daughter to find the pairs. I would recommend adjusting the number of pairs based on the age of your child. For my new 4-year-old, all 24 pairs were a little overwhelming. I think next time I’ll start with 12 pairs. We worked together on it and she surprised me with how many instruments she could identify. She also wanted to color each of them, so if you are looking for a way to extend this activity, that would be a fun one.

Interested in seeing more Preschool Alphabet Activities? Check them out here. 

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