L is for Legos, Ladybugs, and Letters!

My kids are just starting to enjoy playing with duplo legos and to be honest, I am too! We bought Wade a marble run made with duplos and it’s fun for the whole famly to play with. We have been using his train table as the lego table, and we all hang out around it, building new ramps and courses for the marbles. I am not a mom that usually enjoys playing with my kids, but I discovered I do love building things with legos! It’s a win all around.

This week, we are focusing on the letter “L”, and I have also been wanting to do a review week of the letters we have learned about so far.

With that in mind, I built our lesson on the concept of “L is for Letters”

As usual, we read books and did a craft, but I added another element that the kids really enjoyed. We did another hands on project involving duplos and the alphabet so we could focus on their fine motor skills (and keep their attention for a few minutes longer).

As usual, none of these things took a long time, or were hard, but the kids had fun and learned something new while reviewing letters we have been working on all fall and winter.

Download the Resources for this Lesson


As always, we started by reading aloud.

          As always when we read aloud, we discuss the letters, sounds and things we notice about the story.

Letter L + Alphabet Stamping

The first activity focuses on the letter L while also reviewing the rest of the letters in the alphabet.

I have a set of alphabet stamps leftover from my scrapbooking days, which I gave to the kids along with stamp pads and let them stamp away on a letter “L”.

They had fun practicing recognizing letters- even in different fonts. They loved the stamping and practiced finding the letters in their name to stamp their name. This activitity was quick and effective.

If you wanted to extend it, you could work with your child(ren) to find the letters then stamp the entire alphabet on their page. My 2.5 year old joined in and impressed me with the letters he knows. He enjoyed stamping with his fingers too (the bigger the mess, the better!)

Download the Resources for this Lesson


Lego Alphabet Activity

This activity took a little more prep work on the front end, but I was prepping sets for four kids. I used alphabet stickers, along with our duplo legos. If you don’t have alphabet stickers, just write on the blocks with a sharpie. I also tried to use all the same size blocks for each child. To prep, I just put put the alphabet stickers on 26 duplos. If you are prepping more than one set at a time, keep them separated (unless you want to make it harder for the kids )

When it  came time to do the activity, we sang the ABC’s as a reminder and warm up.  To do the activity, they found each letter and built a tower. They were thrilled to see how high they could go before they needed to start a new tower. They each must have sang the ABC’s 20 times. I was also happy to see that they didn’t need much help on the letters up to “L”. As we got into some of the less familiar letters, we had to prompt them a little more.

We included Wade (2.5) by asking him to build a tower by finding different colors. Sometimes, I asked him to identify the letter on the block. He was just as excited and engaged as the older kids.

Color a Ladybug

The kids are really into coloring right now, so I made up a quick Ladybug Printable. Download and print for easy coloring fun and letter recognition practice. As they colored, we discussed what words start with the letter “L”.


reading to discover preschool activitiesWelcome to Reading to Discover! What you will find here are preschool activities that will help  our preschoolers learn about the alphabet, stem, art, reading and just having fun.

I am a former teacher, homeschooling mom of two. I love to read be active, and my goal is to pass those loves on to my children. Our favorite phrase is "let's go on an adventure" and most of our homeschooling day is made up of simply reading books.  I believe that moms need eachother and we need to stick together to help lift eachother up and dig eachother out when needed. You can learn more about  my family and I here.

Thank you for being here. My goal is to help you reduce any stress you feel about planning activities with your preschooler and help you focus on spending time alongside them learning and making memories

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