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Letter K Preschool Activity: Go Fly a Kite

10 Minute Preschool Lesson: Letter K

We have a lot of books in our house, but I still had a hard time finding books that focus on the letter “K”. I supplemented with a cute Letter K Rhyming book from The Measured Mom. The kids love that they each get their own special book. I also found the corresponding rhymes/songs on YouTube and they followed along in their books. It was a big hit. 

After some practice with recognizing and hearing the letter K, it was time for our craft. Last fall, I purchased two inexpensive kites on clearance from Target. We only got to fly them a few times because it was a cold fall, but the kids both loved it. Reminding them of that fun activity and having them make their own kite was a good distraction from the cold weather. My daughter started off very excited to go fly her kite, but I crushed her high hopes when I explained that these kites weren’t for flying. Poor thing!

kite preschool project

I gave each of the kids the template of the kite & bows on a piece of white cardstock. I set out a variety of craft supplies for them to decorate with- markers, watercolors, glitter glue, etc. They had a great time decorating, and we made a point to discuss all the words we could think of that started with the letter K.


Download the Activity Guide for Letter K

kite preschool project

After they were done decorating, the adults cut them out. Originally, I was going to slice two lines in each of the bows and thread the ribbon through, but I thought better of that and decided to simply use my hot glue gun to attach the ribbon and bows. I used some cute pink glitter ribbon leftover from another project, and the girls loved that sparkly touch.

This is truly a 10 Minute Activity that took minimal prep, but resulted in great conversations and learning opportunities for our kids.

Want the templates and instructions for this 10 Minute Preschool Activity as well as BONUS letter K coloring pages for free?

Download the Activity Guide for Letter K

Here are some fun Kite Book recommendations:

kites sail high book charlie brown kite book the runaway kite book kite day book


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