Letter G Preschool Activities

This collection of Letter G Preschool Activities is so much fun! As I was thinking about the theme for this week, I kept coming across excellent books- all of which started with the letter G. So, I gathered them up and decided to make a fun, book-based preschool activity for each of them. The result is 11 downloads to help your preschooler learn about the alphabet, phonics, numbers, and counting while also practicing listening, self-control and gratitude.

g is for great books preschool activities

You don’t have to do every lesson this week (there are a lot!), but the activities are evergreen and can provide you extras for weeks to come.  My kids loved this collection and have a few favorites we come back to all the time (Construction Memory anyone?)

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Here is the list of activities available. You can access them by becoming a member of Reading to Discover. Signup is easy and free and you’ll get access to all of the alphabet activities that have been published!

letter g preschool activitiesletter g mini bookletter g coloring pagegoodnight moon preschool activitygood night gorilla preschool activitygoodnight goodnight construction site activityletter g preschool activitiesletter g preschool activity book list

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