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Free resources for preschool parents.

Design Your Days

design you day

Real talk: I don’t enjoy sitting on the floor playing dolls with my daughter. I don’t enjoy crashing trucks and jumping off the coffee table with my son. I DO enjoy engaging with them over activities, crafts, and books. I also have many interests outside of them. This blog is one, working out and spending …

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Alphabet Activities eBook

Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers Printable Alphabet Activities for preschoolers or kindergarteners. These free printable alphabet activity sheets for preschoolers are full of hands-on preschool crafts and activity ideas. This free alphabet activities ebook is available now! Download your free copy below.

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Alphabet Printables

alphabet printables

Alphabet Printables My preschooler must ask me five times a day to color with her, so I created these alphabet printables for her. I say no more than I would like to, and encourage her to color anyways. Of course, she loves to color the princesses from her coloring books, but her favorite thing to …

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