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Design Your Days

design you day

Real talk: I don’t enjoy sitting on the floor playing dolls with my daughter. I don’t enjoy crashing trucks and jumping off the coffee table with my son. I DO enjoy engaging with them over activities, crafts, and books. I also have many interests outside of them. This blog is one, working out and spending …

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About Candace

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I’m Candace- lover of books, mama to two, and creator of this online space. I am a former teacher (both elementary and high school English) and one thing I know from my teaching career is that I love to create curriculum and lesson plans. I know, weird. In the space of a few years, I …

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Why Are Usborne Books Special?

  Usborne and Kane Miller books are the most exciting, engaging, and educational books on the market today. They are high quality, innovative, beautifully illustrated. Most importantly, kids love to read them, but beyond that, why are Usborne Books different from other books and why are they special?   Usborne Books are engaging & interactive. …

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