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Letter C Activity Guide: Crayons & Colors

c is for crayons

These Letter C Preschool Activities are fun and engaging for you and your preschooler. Connect and learn alongside your little one with these free reading and play-based activities and printables that will engage your little one for hours! Do you want a FREE Preschool Activity Guides for every letter of the alphabet in your inbox? …

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Letter Q Preschool Activities Roundup

Queen, Quilt, Quill, Questions… These are all letter Q words that your preschooler is probably familiar with (especialy questions!). To go along with the rest of Reading to Discover’s “Q is for Queen” unit, I have collected activities and ideas from around the web to enrich your Letter Q Preschool Activities. Learning the Alphabet Letter …

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Space Playdough + Planets Preschool Activities

planet preschool activities

Download the Guide & Free Printables for the Planets Preschool Activities The kids absolutely loved learning about planets and space during our planet preschool activities this week. I was pleasantly surprised that they were as into it as they were, They had so much fun exploring and learning new words that they hadn’t heard before! …

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