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Christmas Activity Book

christmas activity book for kids

Christmas Activity Book for Kids I made this Christmas Activity book for my kids because we aren’t the best at following a routine around holidays. It’s nice to have some supplemental activities to fill in when needed. If you are anything like us around Christmas, you’ll enjoy this fun-filled Christmas activity book. It is a …

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Alphabet Printables

Activity Ideas for the Alphabet Printables: Read a book that focuses on the letter (This is a great set of books for that purpose!) Discuss the letter and the words that start with it. Practice writing the letter. Color the letter using only colors that start with the letter. Use stamps to decorate the letter. …

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Alphabet Activities eBook

The 60 page alphabet activity ebook contains: 26 uppercase and lowercase alphabet coloring pages Engaging, simple activities for each letter of the alphabet. Alphabet Matching: match the uppercase and lowercase letters. Number and Counting activities Coloring Pages Free, no-strings-attached showcase of the amazing resources from Reading to Discover.

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Letter I Preschool Activities: I is for Ice Cream

letter i ice cream preschool activities

Download the Letter I Preschool Activity Guide- FREE! Here is what is included in the I for Ice Cream Activities: The Letter I (capitalized and lower case) for your and your preschooler to decorate and color together. Ice Cream Coloring Pages Alphabet Matching: match the uppercase and lowercase letters. A Letter I Mini-Book featuring dogs, ducks, …

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