Alphabet Coloring Page

My preschooler must ask me five times a day to color with her.

I say no more than I would like to, and encourage her to color anyways. Of course she loves to color the princesses from her coloring books, but her favorite thing to color are these alphabet coloring pages.

They are simple, but they give her a lot of freedom to color and decorate as she wants to.

Each week I print out several copies of the letter of the week onto cardstock. She has a variety of art supplies available to her, and she gets very creative decorating these letters.

At the end of the week we hang up the letters on the wall of our classroom and use them to review the previous letters we have done.

Download the Alphabet Coloring Pages Now

If you haven’t yet, visit my post about my “10 Minute Principle”. Activities don’t have to be complicated or take forever to plan and complete. 

Activity Ideas for the Alphabet Coloring Pages:

  • Read a book that focuses on the letter (This is a great set of books for that purpose!)
  • Discuss the letter and the words that start with it.
  • Practice writing the letter.
  • Color the letter using only colors that start with the letter.
  • Use stamps to decorate the letter.
  • Hang the letters on the wall for practice and review.
  • Bind the letters together in a coloring book.
  • Glue / stick items to it that start with the letter (glitter for g, feathers for f, stickers for s, etc.)

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