Are you struggling with what to teach your preschooler?

Is Pinterest overwhelming?

Do you want to connect and engage with your preschoolers on their level? 


I have a plan.

What you get from the Preschool at Home Membership:

  • Exclusive Content- I’ve created content, guides, tips & tricks exclusively for the Preschool at Home Membership Community.
  • Weekly Activity Guides- Each week, I will release a NEW activity guide with 5 book-based activities and printables. 
  • Organized & Structured- No chasing down printables that may or may not print correctly. No getting hung up searching through Pinterest. Juct click, print, and go make memories with your preschoolers.
  • Book Lists- Each month, I will release a book list for the upcoming month so you can get a head start on ordering or reserving books! 
  • Access to exclusive seasonal bonus content that won’t be released anywhere else.
  • Community. Preschoolers can be tough, lets give each other support through a free Facebook group made up of Preschool at Home Members.
  • Sample schedule for each theme + a blank template so you can make your own schedule.
  • PLUS Immediate Access to the full Resource Library- Packed full of everything I’ve emailed or posted online, this is enough content to keep you busy for the whole year!

Start your FREE 5 day Preschool at Home trial today. After that, membership is $20 a month (that’s $5 a week!). You get access to all the content and resources without the stress and hassle of putting bits and pieces together from around the web. 

A few thoughts…

I have a background in education, firm beliefs in what I think is best for my kids, and I still get overwhelmed with this homeschool thing- and my kids are preschoolers!


I do have a (very) few things figured out and I’d love nothing more than to share my resources and ideas with you. 

You don’t have to spend hours of your precious time scouring Pinterest and Instagram for the best ideas for your kids. You can provide them with fun, engaging, play and book-based activities by only spending the time it takes to print a few pages, gathering a couple of books and  basic (inexpensive!) supplies. 

Here’s some encouragement for you:

-preschool doesn’t have to be hard

-preschool can be fun for you and your child

-you don’t have to spend your precious time feeling overwhelmed by all.the.ideas.

-you can have cohesive, well thought out and educational material delivered to you.


Start a free 5 day trial!